Aviation Software

Civil Aviation Authorities that are aiming to transform into a fully digitalized Authority in order to be easily in compliance with ICAO.

  • Specifically designed software platform for Civil Aviation Regulators with CSAR development team which has more than 12 years of cooperation with Air Regulators.
  • “Go To Market” model is based on a partnership approach, where we gather strengths with local, regional or Teknical companies to deliver best of breed solutions.
  • A global cross-platform, covering almost all CAA’s business areas that supports their workflows, enabling data sharing on a secure environment, with independent Teknology to openly interface with any stakeholder.

Our Platform

  • Global cross platform.
  • Cover all Business Areas.
  • Enabling Data Sharing.
  • Manages centralized Information.
  • To attain accurate Reports.

What We Offer

  • Expertise of a committed team.
  • Powerful Partnership.
  • Mature product developed to fit CAA business.
  • Flexible solution, with simple and fast configuration.

We have an exclusive agreement to market, implement and provide customer care services for the product globally with CASR Portugal, who owns the license of the product.

To know more please drop a mail at [email protected].